Al-Jazeera Corner for Translation Services

Aljazeera Corner for Translation Services is a translation company affiliated with Aljazeeranet for Telecommunication and Information Systems in Doha, Qatar. We are certified by Arab Professional Translators Society. We aim to provide clients with timely and accurate translation and interpreting services. We offer translation of various types of documents including, but not limited to legal documents, medical reports, media articles as well as certificates and other types of documents of general nature.


Our Mission
To provide timely and accurate translation and interpreting services

Our Vision
To translate and interpret from English into Arabic and vice versa naturally with ease and confidence as if it is your own native language

A. Translation Services

1. Document translation
2. Corporate Translation
3. Desktop Publishing

B. Interpretation Services
1. Consecutive Interpretation
2. Video Conference Interpretation
3. Tour Interpretation

C. Transcription Services
D. Research Services
E. Professional Services
F. Travel & Study in the UK 

Al-Jazeera Corner for Translation Services
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