• Fairytales Nursery

    Ibn Nusaih 4, West Bay Dafna, Doha, Qatar, P.O.Box: 8879

    Our Mission and Vision

    Our aim is to provide a quality, safe environment for your child. 

    We care that your child grows up in a place where they feel loved, valued and respected. 

    Our mission is to include teaching methods in such a way that it is fun for your child.
    Our curriculum is designed to provide your child social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and support. 

    We provide your child with educational activities according to their age as this is crucial in developing the required skills throughout the foundation stage.

    We believe that creative play and social interaction are essential for every child's development whether it is academic or growing. 

    We encourage self-discovery and this is promoted through our curriculum. 

    Our vision is to provide a fun, educational environment where each child is cared for by staff who are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of education.


    "Children must master the language of things, before they master the language of words"                               
    by Friedrich Froeben - the Father of the Kindergarten.



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