• Cambridge International School for Girls

    Al Hilal Doha, Qatar, P.O.Box: 16130

    Cambridge International School for Girls School (CISG), Doha, provides an education based on The National Curriculum for England to students from Kindergarten to Year 11. The school prepares students for the IGCSE, AS and A Level, following the Cambridge International Examinations Board syllabi. The school is managed by the Taleb Group. We achieve and maintain high standards in education and pastoral care, focusing on the all-round development of the students. The school provides an excellent platform for students to develop leadership and interpersonal qualities through an active student leadership body. The students are actively encouraged to participate in all the activities that the school offers. We also prepare students to become world class citizens in an ever-changing world, by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be active members of society. The education they receive at CISG prepares them to obtain admission into the leading universities throughout the world. CISG is an International school comprising students representing in excess of 50 nationalities. CISG follows the National Curriculum for England. In addition to the subjects that are included in the teaching of the National Curriculum for England, the CISG places significant emphasis on preparing students for leadership and world citizenship. The inclusion of Arabic (MFL) and Islamic studies is an integral aspect of the unique difference that the education at CISG provides for pupils. The school's programmes provide numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership and world citizenship skills across a range of subjects. Students are encouraged to develop skills of independence, organization and leadership; to become creative, sensitive thinkers; and to develop communication and decision making skills. They learn about the world and people around them through the introduction of current issues into the curriculum, in addition to developing an awareness about different countries and cultures. These two aspects of the curriculum are aimed at helping students develop into tolerant and mature individuals who are confident, responsible, and flexible individuals ready to meet the challenges of the world. It is our vision to be a leading school in the Gulf Region and to help girls to develop their fullest potential intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


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